Wondering if you can take metal, wooden, upholstered or fold? Visit the E-shop and here you will be informed about the choice of bed.

For example, in the assortment of metal beds you will find amazing Rosela beds. They are metal double beds with headboard and legs. You can combine metals used on your feet and forehead. Another bed is a double Ramona. Ramona is a metal bed with amazing solid wooden elements. From the upholstered beds, let's not forget the padded Belinda double bed. On this bed is a very special elegant and interesting solution of upholstered forehead and corpus, the mattress is stitched. Slatty bed grids are positioning, which is very practical. The storage space is accessible from the legs, and you can now get extra pads for free.
Wooden Bed Andreas

This type of bed is made of solid beech wood. The bed is painted with ecological and wholesome varnish.

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