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CBD and Drug Tests-The Facts to Know of

There are some situations that may arise in which one may have to subject to a drug test. Urine samples are in most cases taken and these are then screened to test and see if at all there are any traces of drugs in them like marijuana and this is one of the most common drug testing procedures we see practiced.

In the event that the test results happen to be positive, where they tell of the presence of an illicit substance in your system, then this would be such an unpleasant situation.

As a result of the close association that has been when it comes to CBD and marijuana, many have as a result of this had some reservation when it comes to trying CBD for the first time. By and large, this sounds such a straight question that calls for such a simple answer, yes or no, in actual sense, there is so much that goes into the determination of what the case may be. This is looking at the fact that in as much as in most cases CBD will not show or test positive in a drug test, there are however other scenarios or cases where they would test positive.

In order to help understand this, how and when CBD will show on a drug screening procedure, it is important to understand the difference there is between hemp and marijuana and CBD and the sister component THC.

Looking at the cannabis plant, it is to be known that these come of two basic variants and these are the hemp and the marijuana strains and they all contain such an abundance of CBD in them. In as much as these two happen to be sharing such similarities, under the law they happen to be under different classifications and this is mainly based on the THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, content that they have which is the intoxicating substance or compound that is found in the cannabis plants.

Picking from the above, hemp happens to be legal in a number of states in the United States and this is looking at the fact that it is such a strain that has the least concentration of THC in it. When it however comes to marijuana, this is the cannabis plant strain that is generally known for containing such a high concentration of THC, that mind altering compound, and as such it will produce such an intense feeling of “highness” when one ingests it. Due to this, you come to realize that the use of marijuana has not been legalized in a number of states in the United States and only some few have gone easy a bit on this allowing, albeit controlled, use of marijuana, medical marijuana use.

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