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Merits of Fleet Dash Cams

A dashboard camera is now present in many vehicles and many people refer to this as a dash cam. There are a lot of reasons why you need this on your vehicle. This can be installed on personal vehicles or they can be for business use but the bottom line is that their benefits cannot be ignored. Anyone with a fleet who hasn’t installed dash cams is failing and you do not want to be in that category. If an accident occurs, you can go to the dash cam to get full details on what took place. There are some drivers in auto accidents who have had to bear the burden because there was no way they could prove their innocence. No one will take your word in a court of law when you have been charged which means you will have to take the punishment in such a situation. However, it won’t be the case when there is a dash cam to use in convincing the authorities you are actually a victim. If you have decided to invest in a fleet then this is something you cannot shy away from.

The current dash cam do come with a lot of features. They come with a GPS so that you can actually track where an incident took place. When the vehicle is driven carelessly the accelerometers and also the voice reminders will pick up on that and inform the driver about that. Drivers are likely to up their speed when there aren’t other road users and with dash cams that have voice reminders they will get info on when to slow down or to avoid careless overtaking of other vehicles. Also, there are those that come with live view capabilities so that fleet managers can get the footage in real time on what is happening on the road. If you have a fleet you want this option so that you will not rely just on what the driver has said because sometimes this will not be true. Some do have SD cards and even hard drives which you can chuck out and watch on your computer.

If you get the sophisticated version it will have a complimentary software where the journey can be reported back to you and it ensures you have an easy time following the journey. By using these dash cams you can also get the insurance company to lower the premium for your auto insurance. Because they can always check out the events in case an accident happens, it gives them peace of mind and also saves them a lot of money and time in investigations. They also encourage drivers to be careful while driving.

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