Pool salt to ensure perfect water treatment

Swimming is very beneficial for our bodies. We practice and strengthen our hearts, without exerted joints or burdened unnecessarily. Its significance is underestimated, but for our bodies it is truly a beneficial activity. In the hot days, when it is warm even in the shade, water can pleasantly cool down and get us into the right mood. And we're not talking about the fun you can enjoy in the water. Surely you know that you also have to operate this water and take care of it to serve you well. If you have a salinization unit, the pool salt is a great solution for water treatment. You can easily and quickly feel like the sea. If you buy a sea flavor, it will be imported directly from Portugal and will contain all the minerals that make our bodies well.
So you can swim at any time
As these are natural substances, you do not need to worry that you will be burdened with water, but also by the presence of chemistry. Our high percentage products do not contain iodides and fluorides, which may be undesirable. It's up to you what type you'll get. You can find everything in our easy-to-read menu.

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