Regular employee evaluation is necessary

Your subordinate must know what they're doing wrong. But it's not just about criticism. If a worker performs excellently in the performance of his profession, he must be praised. Unfortunately, there is no such thing in your company. Then you can't be surprised that people are leaving elsewhere. You throw people away without notifying you that you are not satisfied with their work. The director has never been easy. If you're driving a huge business, it's even more complicated.
It is important to set work objectives
If your subordinate does not have targets, it will be guaranteed to know their performance. People are competitive by nature and want to achieve success. This, of course, also applies in the work area. Regular employee reviews can move your business forward. The subordinate will know what they are doing well and where their hidden reserves are on the contrary. The communication in your workplace is binding, you admit it. Try to send your personnel department to some quality training or hire an externist who will already be in order. Workers have to perform important tasks every day and need to discuss minor mistakes that have been committed in the past.

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