The pattern and color of the new flannel bedding must be tuned to the interior

You are suffering from the details. Now your attention is focused on the bedroom. Somehow you forgot about this room altogether. Furniture is already an older date, but it does not look bad and suitable home furnishings can definitely transform this room without costly reconstruction. You started nicely from the bed. You left the bed in the original, but everything else is completely new. Quality mattress looks great. The biggest job, however, gave you new bed linens. You wanted something original. Finally, you found it. Interesting geometric shapes look very good. Everything is matched in one tone. This is your favorite creamy color. You're curious what the husband will say to the transformation when he returns from work.
Bed linen from the market only has a favourable price
Unfortunately, now you are not financially very well and you are trying to save where you can. Sometimes, however, cheap market purchases do not really pay off. The purchased goods cannot be claimed in most cases and the quality is simply miserable. Without flannel bedding, you can't imagine the winter in your bedroom. With the advent of autumn you are looking for this model that will warm you beautifully. When you saw the market offer, you just couldn't resist. It was a big mistake. Bed linen has begun to fall apart after the first wash.

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