There is only one good solution

If you can advise those who suffer the same unwelcome heat at work or at home, as before, you would have recommended that they take a stand-up fan. That's a very good thing. You too know the feeling that you are sitting behind an office desk at the computer and you should concentrate on your work as much as you can, but you are not able to, because you are literally overheating your head, the sweat flows out of you and you can't concentrate on anything else than to adequately cool down your body.
Wind up in the apartment
That's pretty unpleasant, and perhaps you'd say it's a hell of a situation. But today fortunately you don't have to think much about what to do with it. Today, once you feel too overheated, simply press your hand to turn on your great fan, and once its fan is in full gear, it will not stay in the room or monument after the heat, believe me. And that's why you took it home, in short, it worked for you. But at home you wanted to have something more aesthetic than the office, so you took a design piece in fashionable black.

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