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Arrange chalets and cottages for rent at the established company Zars, which is a permanent and first-class service provider of the property. Objects for recreation are dotted throughout the Czech and Slovak republics. Take advantage of its colourful services, which are proven by the customers themselves. Loyalty to the clientele is a unique proof of its qualities. Since 1991 Zars has been a provider of reputable and perfect services in the field of tourism.
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Find out about your selected object all the services offered and its facilities and possibilities of cultural and sporting activities. Activity during summer or winter holidays is an imperative requirement. Boring on vacation is certainly not counted! Make sure your family has a holiday that they will not forget for a long time. Choose chalets and cottages for rent with fireplace, sauna, internet, barrier-friendly, near the ski slope, next to watercourses or swimming pools, in the hamlet, near sports complexes or luxury.

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